About the Network

The main aim of the network is promoting the systematic use of international large-scale student assessments datasets for national evidence-based policymaking (possibilities and limitations)

Its objectives are:

From theoretical perspectives: developing the theoretical base of the issues that IRN will work on.

From applied perspectives:

a) Examining the role of international large-scale student assessments expertise in curriculum changes and vice versa “impact” changes in curricula to students′ achievements in international research knowledge;

b) Systematic raising awareness of stakeholders about the importance and methods of using the results of international large-scale student assessments in their work;

c) Establishing the different networks for common bilateral and multilateral applications for research projects.

Research problem: Very often league tables are used as the main or only source in deriving political decisions without accounting for the local and global contexts. Therefore we would like to establish a proper methodological approach of using ILSA′s data in secondary analysis as the source of political decisions in policy making, an evidence-based approach.

Research questions:

1. What are the current practices in using ILSA data for policy making worldwide?

2. What are the best practices of using ILSA data for national policy-making with regard to the diversity of the educational systems?

The intended outcomes are:

1. Establish common practices for reporting the results from ILSA nationally raising the awareness of methodological issues;

2. To prepare general guidelines for national authorities in national policy-making.

The Organizers

Name: Eva Klemencic, PhD
Affiliation: Educational Research Institute – Centre for Applied Epistemology
Positions: Head of the Centre for Applied Epistemology
Address: Gerbiceva 62, SI-1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail: eva.klemencic@pei.si

Name: Plamen Vladkov Mirazchiyski, PhD
Affiliation: IEA Data Processing and Research Center (DPC)- Randa (Research and Analyses Unit)
Position: Deputy Head of the Research and Analyses Unit
Address: Mexikoring 37, DE-22297, Hamburg, Germany
E-mail: plamen.mirazchiyski@iea.dpc-de

Name: Ernesto Treviño, PhD
Affiliation: Centro de Politicas Comparadas de Educacion, Universidad Diego Portales (CPCE-UDP)
Position: Executive Director
Address: Ejercito 260, Santiago, Chile
E-mail: ernesto.trevino@mail.udp.cl